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  • Our highly specialized, executive-level, mobile industry experts utilize very strong relationships with the premier wireless carriers in North America

  • Efficiently and effectively helping you convey the right message to the right people

  • Navigating the highly complex, matrix level wireless organizations by “herding the cats” to expedite results

  • Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas frameworks to identify new business opportunities

  •  An interactive process resulting in reduced risk, avoidance of unnecessary spend on development, sales and marketing

  • Facilitating effective communication with stakeholders to ensure alignment and buyin

  • Numerous network transformation, integration, new product, and new technology projects

  • Using our connections and extensive knowledge of the challenges of naviagting the wireless industry

  • Providing “CTO for hire” consulting services for cases in which the client needs additional support in the areas of wireless network planning, engineering, implementation, and/or operations.

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