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our wireless industry relationships

Wireless Carriers 

Our Locations

  • Numerous long-standing contacts and relationships within the wireless carrier community (typically Director-level and above)

  • Understanding of the strategic initiatives, and current cultural subtleties, of each organization

  • First-hand, working knowledge of their gating and approval processes

Large Independent Wireless Agents/Dealers

  • Work hand-in-hand with the largest independent agents and dealers of AT&T and Verizon

  • These companies currently consist of 500 - 1,000+ retail stores each. As a result of the carriers’ new consolidation and growth strategies, the number of retail locations is increasing exponentially.



  • Working with the dominant partners of carriers is critically important to the success of your company.

  • We leverage our relationships with infrastructure OEMs, device OEMs, and other relevant industry players to quickly facilitate the appropriate matchmaking necessary for success. 

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